Phentramin-d Review

People are always on the lookout for products to make them look and feel better. This is the reason why the stores, both physical and online, stock hundreds of bottles of supplements, vitamins, and weight loss pills.

There are so many different diet pills currently being manufactured and distributed all over the world. The diet pills can be divided into two classes, the prescription ones and drugs that you can buy safely with no prescription.

Of the latter type, Phentramin-d is one of the most popular. This weight loss pill was created to fill the void left by Phentermine, a prescription drug that has been deemed too dangerous for use. Phentramin-d functions in a similar way to Phentermine. It curbs the individual’s appetite and boosts his or her metabolism. (for more details + FAQ about the product, visit our FAQ)

The Good about Phentramin-d

According to test results, a person can lose between two to six pounds of excess weight in a 3-5 days of use. This is an astounding result for a non-prescription pill.

Experts also assessed that an individual’s caloric intake can be reduced by about 1600 calories in one day. The fewer calories are consumed, the less to burn. As a result, the body will need to get the calories needed for its normal functioning from the fats that are already stored.

Another good thing that experts noted is that Phentramin-d does not contain any typical ingredients used by weak, hyped up diet pills: hoodia, acai, chromium or other herbal and metal ingredients that do not really work as effectively as chemical components.

Ingredient List/Supplement Facts

Ingredient-wise, Phentramin-d contains 1,3-Dimethylpentylamine as well as 1,3,7 trimethylxanthine. Both induce the brain to think that the stomach is still full despite not having eaten or eating very little. This means no hunger pangs. Unlike amphetamine-like diet pills like Phentermine, using this over-the-counter diet pill has fewer and milder side effects and poses no danger of addition.

So, What’s Bad About This Diet Product?

Studies have proven that Phentramin-d only targets the fats in the body. It does not do anything for the tone of the muscle. This is why it is classed as an appetite supressing pill rather than a bodybuilding one.

The minimum weight loss to be expected by Phentramin-d users is fifteen pounds in less than a month of use. Those who are looking for only a slight weight loss, Phentramin-d is not the pill for this purpose.

The Actual Reviews of Phentramin-d straight from the Users

The first reason why Phentramin-d is so popular is that it has so many positive feedbacks from customers.

Personal blogs and diet pill forums are flooded by people who have only good things to say about the product. From their personal entries, many like Phentramin-d because it comes in an easy to swallow form.

Despite the safe ingredients, the pill seems to really work because people experience weight loss only a few days after taking Phentramin-d.

Another good thing that they claim about the diet pill is that, unlike prescription drugs, they do not feel nauseated, fatigued, or dehydrated when they take Phentramin-d. The most severe side effects reported about the diet pill are mild headaches and dryness of the mouth. Even then, these side effects wane and disappear after several days. Some also reported having difficulty falling asleep during their first three days of taking Phentramin-d.

The Verdict

Personal testimonials, blogs, and forum entries (see Phentermine-Forms) confirm that Phentramin-d works and can help a person lose up to fifteen pounds in a short time. No serious side effects have been related to the product.

Additionally, the side effects that the diet pill takers experienced went away after a few days. Another good thing about this product is that its price can be compared to that of prescription drugs. At $67 for enough tablets to last for 30 days, that is a good deal already.

Add this to the fact that no prescription is required in order to purchase the product, it is no wonder that it has become the go-to diet pill of those who seriously want to become slimmer. If you want to lose weight the safe way, this pill is something that you should try.

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