Phentermine Review

People who want to drop a lot of pounds really fast turn to extreme diets, painful workout regimens, or weight loss pills. Of the three, the most chosen is the diet pills. This is because of all the choices, taking diet pills is the least painful and the most effective in giving the most significant weight loss results.

If a person starves himself, it results to dizziness and intolerable stomach pains. Additionally, one would need to deprive himself of food for a really long time before seeing any significant results. As for working out, it takes so much of one’s time. If you are a busy person, this option is out of the question. Some people, particularly those who are heavier than normal, cannot participate in rigorous physical activity for a prolonged period. In short, for people who cannot cut back on food and cannot workout sufficiently to burn up enough calories, taking diet pills is the last or only resort.

The good news is that diet pills do work. They do come with certain drawbacks. The first is that they can be very dangerous particularly for people who have medical conditions that may be aggravated by the substance in the diet pill. Another is that buying most diet pills requires a doctor’s permission through a prescription. It is now up to the individual to assess whether the weight that they can potentially lose is worth the risks that comes with taking the pill. One of the diet pills that can be considered is Phentermine.

Phentermine is a diet pill that acts as a stimulant for the hypothalamus. This prompts the body to feel less hungry. This pill is meant for short term consumption only and it works almost instantly. Here are what experts and actual pill users think about this diet pill.

The Good Reviews of Phentermine Straight From the Weight Loss Experts

Phentermine hydrochloride or phentermine for short has undergone several clinical studies to see whether the pill actually works or not. Upon taking the pill, it signals your body to release more serotonin. This elevates the person’s blood pressure, which in turn regulates the hunger pangs. Results vary but the average weight loss is four to five pounds a month. Phentermine is a very powerful diet pill that it can only be taken with close supervision of a physician. Barring that, it cannot be bought without a doctor’s permission via a prescription.

The Bad Reviews of Phentermine Straight From the Weight Loss Experts

The main problem with Phentermine is that it comes with a long list of potentially dangerous side effects when misused. Besides insomnia, mouth dryness, constipation, headache, hallucinations, and allergic reactions, it can also lead to serious heart problems, swelling of extremities, and difficulty breathing. Some experts even think that it is not advisable to take Phentermine unless you are in great physical and medical condition. Another disadvantage that experts discovered is that the diet pill does not address the problem in a long-term basis. It may only be used for a maximum of 4 weeks. Beyond that, you risk developing a dependence on the diet pill. The regulation regarding purchasing Phentermine, particularly in the United States, is also very stringent. It cannot be bought without prescription.

The Actual Reviews of Phentermine Straight From the Users

The reviews are somewhat mixed when it comes to the effectiveness of Phentermine. Some diet pill users report weight loss of as much as six pounds a week while others did not see any weight difference after one whole month of taking Phentermine. Another commonly mentioned feedback about the pill is that it does cause reactions ranging from mild headache, insomnia, to seizures. If this is not enough cause for concern, some also claim that they took the diet pill beyond the recommended period because they felt ill whenever they tried to stop.

The Verdict

When you are dealing with prescription drugs, no matter what disease it addresses, it pays to be on the cautious side. There is a consensus that Phentermine works. However, the long list and severity of the side effects that accompany it should be considered as well. If your health care provider believes that you really need to take this diet pill and deems it safe for you, then go ahead. However, if you have any reservations about your health, it is better to try out something safer. There are other pills like Phentramin-d that does not even require prescription. It is not only safe but proven to be effective as well.

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