hCG Diet Review

Originally approved for fertility-related reasons, hCG Diet is now more popular for the weight loss benefits it brings.

hCG Diet is a highly debated or controversial method of dropping excess pounds because it involves getting injected or taking oral drops. Human Choriogonadotropin, or hCG, introduces the hormone that a woman produces in the early pregnancy stages. Because the body is fooled into thinking that the woman is pregnant, the hypothalamus is prompted to move fat and nutrients to the placenta.

The diet program typically lasts for up to three weeks and requires close monitoring of a doctor or a health professional.

The good reviews of hCG diet from the experts

Studies have proven that a daily injection or taking drops of the hCG hormone can help a person lose up to three pounds per day.

However, this result has been achieved by having the participant consume only a maximum of 500 calories a day as well. Because the caloric intake is well below what is required to sustain the normal functioning of the body, it compensates for the lack by using up stores from the muscle, fat, and glycogen.

Participants in the tests also experience a reduction in their food craving.

The bad reviews of hCG Diet from the experts

There are no clinical studies directly proving that taking hCG drops or injections is an effective strategy for weight loss. In fact, it has not been FDA approved for than use.

Additionally, use of the hormone has been banned in certain major league sports like baseball because it is akin to using steroids.

Using the hCGdiet also resulted to many instances of mood swings, blood clots, dizziness, headaches, depression, and confusion. Rare cases of ovarian hyper stimulation have also been recorded.

Actual Reviews of hCG Users

Many users who have had experiences taking hCG injections and drops report different results. While many believed that the hormone indeed caused them to lose weight, still many others think that it is the drastically low calorie diet that was responsible for the dropped excess weight.

Complaints of the difficulty of taking the hormones and of sticking to a very regimented diet also makes the hCG plan less desirable to individuals. The hassle of seeing a doctor too often takes such a toll on the diet users that they simply opt to quit.

This coupled with the difficulty and unpleasantness of being injected with the hormone everyday makes losing almost 5 pounds per day almost not worth it.

The Verdict

The hCG diet has been deemed a fad and a fraud for a reason. The hormone has not been proven to make any difference in the weight loss effort. It is, in fact, the severely low calorie food plan that is causing the drastic weight loss experienced by the people who tried this diet out.

Despite its lack of results, each hCGbottle, a month’s worth of doses, can be bought for around $77. By far, the most expensive diet drug in the market today.

If you are seriously thinking of losing weight with the assistance of diet drugs, it is highly advised that you stay away from hCG diet. It is better to turn to safer options like Phentramin-D. With this diet pill, you will not experience any side effects and you will still be able to consumer regular amounts of food.

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