Didrex Review

Didrex is the trade name of a diet pill that contains Benzphetamine hydrochloride (see Drugs.com for details on the generic version). It is a powerful anorectic that is approved by FDA. Its main function is to help reduce food intake by lessening the appetite of an individual. It is the option taken by extremely overweight and obese patient who are already at risk of suffering from more medical complications.

Didrex gets mixed reviews from its users. Some say that it worked even without them having to change the way they eat and workout while others complain that they did not experience any weight loss.

The Good Reviews of Didrex straight from the Weight Loss Experts

The Food and Drug Administration has approved Didrex thus the benefits that it claim to have on people’s weight have some proof.

Clinical studies show that Didrex indeed has a positive effect on a person trying to cut back on food because it diminishes appetite significantly. Participants in the study reported that they did not feel like eating anymore after taking Didrex half an hour before the scheduled meal.

The Bad Reviews of Didrex straight from the Weight Loss Experts

Despite being FDA approved, the medical experts have proven that Didrex is very addictive. There are also reports of Didrex takers suffering from seizures, heart problems, and anxiety attacks.

Other Didrex takers also complained of inability to fall asleep, headache, excessive sweating, palpitations, diarrhea, and rare instances of cardiomyopathy and psychotic episodes. The latter is the effect of taking too much of the diet pill.

Despite reports that Didrex takers experienced increased energy levels, it has been proven that the diet pill does not provide any other benefits like thermogenesis or fat binding.

Additionally, Didrex comes with a long list of restrictions. You cannot take it if you have thyroid problems, diabetes, anxiety and seizure disorders, glaucoma, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and history of substance abuse.

The Actual Reviews of Didrex straight from the Users

Didrex is not the most prescribed diet pill for a reason. This is because of its effectiveness and side effects. Any type of medication, over-the-counter or prescription, have side effects. The only difference is the severity of the reaction to that substance.

Things are no different with Didrex. Users report common reactions to the drug such as dry mouth, vomiting due to nausea, tremors, bad taste in or dryness of the mouth, diarrhea, and libido-related changes. These reactions may have been tolerated had the users experienced much weight loss.

However, more reported that they only lost a portion of their target weight and quickly regained it after the given period. They believe that it was merely water weight that they got rid of during the entire time that they have been taking Didrex.

The Verdict

At almost $56 a bottle, Didrex is an expensive yet not very effective diet pill. It also poses so many restrictions and potential reactions that only those who are physically in good shape may take the product for them to lose a lot of weight. Phentramin-d seems to have proven itself as a more effective (and safer) alternative. Read our review and let us know what you think.

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