Bontril Review

Bontril is a well-known diet pill that assists obese and excessively overweight people to start their weight loss program. All it takes is a capsule a day and one can experience as much as 12 lbs. in a month.

Bontril is a controlled drug so it requires a doctor’s prescription. Like other amphetamine-like drug, Bontril is meant to be used for a short period of time only. It also poses a threat of substance dependency on the people who choose to use it beyond the suggested period.

The Good Reviews of Bontril Straight From the Weight Loss Experts

Research says that there are three main categories of diet pills: fat burners, fat binders, and appetite suppressants. Bontril fits the last category. It reduces the feeling of hunger significantly to enable a person to resist eating too much and consuming the wrong kind of food.

Bontril directily affects a person’s hypothalamus. As a diet drug, it is proven to be effective because taking it consistently results to 3 to 10 lbs weight loss. Doctors choose to prescribe Bontril to their patients over other diet pills because it is easier to take and the patient needs only to remember one time in which he or she will take the pill. No slicing the pill in half and no more additional doses to take in the middle of the day.

Additionally, Bontril contains a significantly higher amoun of phendimetrazine tartrate, the active ingredient, than any of its generic form. This accounts for the potency of the product.

The Bad Reviews of Bontril Straight From the Weight Loss Experts

Experts fear that, like other amphetamine-like pills, Bontril can still be habit forming.

Besides the potential to abuse the drug, Bontril also does not work with a host of other medications such as those for diabetes and depression. These two illnesses can often be observed in obese patients. Therefore, these individuals automatically cannot take Bontril.

Besides this, tests proved that taking Bontril is often accompanied by a host of side effects. The mildest of the said effects are restlessness and dry mouth. Other effects include anxiety, shaking, headaches, diarrhea, insomnia, impotence, and confusion.

The Actual Reviews of Bontril Straight From the Users

Diet pill users favor Bontril because it so convenient to take. All it takes to drop a few pounds a week is to swallow a capsule in the morning.

Actual users complain on the difficulty of getting a prescription for Bontril. Bontril is a prescription supplement so it is nearly impossible to buy an authentic Bontril without a doctor’s presription.

In spite being prescribed, it doesn’t come in handy that there is very little informative material to read about the pill. There is no official product website to guide the users during the process of weight loss.

Bontril users reported side effects that range from upset stomach, dizziness and sleeplessness to fatigue and blurry vision. The side effects tend to be so severe that some users were forced to stop taking Bontril.

Another drawback about Bontril that users complain about is the restriction of use for people suffering from high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, diabetes, and glaucoma. It seems that only the healthy individuals can take the diet pill.

The Verdict

Bontril is not meant for extended use so it is not a permanent solution for people with eating problems.

The side effects are often harsh and cannot be tolerated by casual dieters. Additionally, Bontril cannot be bought unless you have been allowed by your doctor or are willing to pay extra to buy a prescription from an online clinic.

Despite being effective and considerably more affordable at less than $50 for a month’s worth of capsules, Bontril may still not be worth the risks. Some other diet pills, like Phentramin-D, are similarly inexpensive and effective but not as troublesome as Bontril.

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