Adipex Review

Adipex-P, as the diet pill Adipex is now known, is a popular sympathomimetic amine. It is an anorexigenic drug. This means that it is a diet supplement that functions by controlling one’s appetite.

Adipex is a very popular drug. So much that there are at least twenty other diet pill knock-offs pretending to be its generic form. The reason why a lot of diet pills aspire to be associated with Adipex-P is because it is very effective.

The Good Reviews of Adipex Straight From the Weight Loss Experts

The diet pill uses the maximum legal amount of the active ingredient, Phentermine, in its formulation. This makes Adipex-P particularly potent.

Phentermine has been proven to work effectively not only as an appetite controller but also a metabolism booster. It works at least ten percent (10%) better than just plain dieting and exercising.

Experts have determined that Adipex is a good way to jumpstart a weight loss program for those who are particularly overweight or who have already been classified as obese.

The Bad Reviews of Adipex Straight From the Weight Loss Experts

Because the product is so potent, using Adipex requires approval from a doctor. This means that a person interested in buying the product needs to show a valid prescription before the pharmacist could legally sell him a bottle of Adipex.

Additionally, since Adipex directly affects the brain and the heart, taking it leads to several side effects involving these organs.

It has been proven that Adipex comes with a long inventory of side effects, ranging from the mild and tolerable to the severe and fatal. Most test subjects complained of headaches, constipation, racing heart, depression, constant fatuge, and even blacking out.

What’s worse, since it is a short use drug, it loses its effect on the human body after a few weeks of use. Even if you take additional doses of the diet pill, your weight will not show any significant changes anymore after the first month of use. If the diet pill user persists on using the product, he or she may develop an addiction for Adipex.

The Actual Reviews of Adipex Straight From the Users

For the first month of use, most people who tried Adipex were very happy about their weight loss results.

Some claimed to have lost 5 pounds while others were astounded when they dropped about ten pounds in a month. However, after the initial weight loss, the diet pill seemed to have lost its effect on them.

Besides the temporary use, the diet pill also lead to side effects that made them feels sick or uncomfortable during the entire time that they were taking Adipex. Price-wise, Adipex costs average compared to other weight loss drugs.

The Verdict

Adipex is a seriously strong diet pill and it can result to a drastic weight loss in a person.

Unfortunately, it also has a long list of accompanying side effects that are sometimes too painful and risky to be worth the benefit. If you are looking for a long-term solution to your weight problem, Adipex is not the pill to take.

It’s use is limited to a maximum of one and a half months. Beyond that, the pill will not work on you anymore.

Luckily, there are other pills available in the market that works equally good. Phentramin-D one of the better pills. There are diet pills that work like Adipex but the side effects are not as severe.

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